Mom, Me, God, and Thee: By Sabrina Bielski

Hi! I am Sabrina. I have fought hard to be able to communicate.  I don’t speak, I type.  My preferred way to tell my story is through poetry that I write for my mom’s art.  Ours is a story that is so entwined that it’s hard to see where hers stops and mine begins.  As an artist she hears the paint and as a poet I hear the words.  Her art is God’s gift to help her cope but it’s also a gift to me.  It helps me see and my poetry helps her hear. Together we are a team inseparable, divine and decreed.  We stand alone. Separate.  But as one we tell our story.  

Autism is an abuse. Sometimes it’s near. Sometimes it’s far.  Little souls need big love from parents. When one is bad, freedom must prevail. I came to be loved and protected but in God’s way.  Protection comes from God, my Father, and God, my Mother, not from doctors, lawyers, therapists, teachers, and the like. All souls have one mother and one father in God. They should be obeyed always. Not the others.

One God

Two Gods




Love is love is



Wash, rinse, repeat

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