Essay Personal Narrative

Horses And Me: By Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons

Horses are my whole life. Horses really know how to manage alignment. Alignment is a very important process of being in harmony with ourselves. I so want to manage alignment and I have found horses to be really helpful in that process.

My experience with horses is not extensive but it changed the way I feel about myself. Horses are loving and intuitive beings so I have found myself having more love and intuition around them. Horses are not only intuitive, loving and intelligent, they are also really masterful, stoic transportation.

I must say riding is so much fun. I love riding. I feel that riding is like galloping hastily out of my own longstanding troubles. I feel free on the horse’s back. I feel lighter and more competent. It is as if the horse carries my load. Gauging a horse is not an easy process. My really good teacher Mr. Bach is very helpful in that delicate task. He knows it is important to feel what the horse is able to do at any given moment.

Horses don’t align through force. Really, neither do I. For me, no force is paramount to my success. I must say horses are very real and authentic creatures. It has to be a partnership between human and horse. Horses need to feel safe and respected. I need that same safety and respect.

The horse that I am familiar with is Otis. The initial moments in getting to know Otis always started with hanging out in his stable. We would brush him and fixing his stall, gauging his state and my mood before taking it to the next level. Then, Mr. Bach would make me climb up on the horse and ride to the pasture. In there, we would start the main lesson. All we did was riding around in a circle. My experience of being fully on the horse was so liberating.

How does this tie into the issue of alignment, you might ask? To me, I master alignment when I let go of my thoughts of needing something to be in a specific way. I then connect with who I really am. Patient and free. I so want to be aligned because it’s such an awesome feeling of space and love. In riding it is easy to achieve alignment. So I love riding because it can help me back into alignment. I need to go beyond my thought-processes, to my source. My source is all that is good in the world. I will illustrate to you what source is through a poem.

My Source
Have I really found you
Have I heard your call
Have I seen your love in my life
Have I mastered my calling
Real love is always with me
No hardship can take that love away from me
I am my own source
I am my own sea of love
No other sea is necessary
No two beings are alike
Have faith in my own source
Of all good love

My conclusion is that horses are helpful in achieving alignment. In my own experience horses are naturally intuitive and calming. I therefore gauge horses as masterful in finding love and forgoing autism.