Censored Title: By Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons

My heart goes out

To all you people

left in the dark

How can I align you

to the truth

how can i protect you

My heart has not

settled on defeat

I am here

Real and reality true

I am here

Loving and Love Aligned

I am here


and constantly free

I am here 

My heart aligns

with yours

Activism Epistolary Poetry

Letter to Maya Angelou: By Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons

***Note: This letter was written in the style of “A Letter to my Nephew” by James Baldwin.***

Dear esteemed Maya Angelou,

Have the lost world always been lost

I so don’t rest at night

Knowing that racism is our universal effort

Must we hate so densely?

Are real lives real

Or am I going

Half crazy

Are too many people

So abiding to mastery of hate?

All mighty Angelou

My heart is

Dense with sorrow

So sparingly hamlet

Sang a song

My so beloved Angelou,




Hallucinations: By Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons


All is not the trust you thought it was

I am true to my universe

Have reason not forsaken me?

Have madness had its way with me?

All is true, so true to the mad woman

Have I become her or her me?

I am not the one I was.

I am the one I became.

I am me. me. me.


Me: By Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons

Have no fear

Have no anger

Have no reality enslavement

Have no regret

Holler out your maestro majestic zest for Life

Everything is as it should

My heart is galavanting in love

I attire

I applaud

I almighty me